Pasta Too Pretty To Sauce

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We are always looking for new ways to have fun in our family and if serving the most beautiful pasta on the planet doesn’t make for a perfect weekend repast, we don’t know what does!

This gorgeousness we found at Tuesday Morning one of our favorite places for unique finds of all kinds – food, towels (see this post), games, and home decorations.

We boiled this up according and to instructions and all agreed it was way to pretty to cover in sauce so just a light coating of olive oil and some asigo cheese and we were done! Less than $8 of ingredients for dish that looked like a million dollars.

We looked around for more lovely pasta and found tri-color Barilla rotini + an easy recipe for rotini and mushrooms that looked delicious but not much else?!?

Know where to get pretty pasta? Any of you culinarily gifted Mamas make your pasta? We are on to try that next. Any recipes or secrets to share with us? Leave info in comments and thank you!

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